AGT-216 - Production Troubleshooting Guide link & How to use

*THIS ARTICLE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION** * AGT has created a Production Troubleshooting guide to help customers diagnose and fix some of the most common production issues encountered when using the Beam Master. This guide is updated on a regular basis with new contents so it is best to review regularly. The guide can be accessed here: [1] AGT-216 - Production troubleshooting guide Draft.xlsx [2]  (Read only) The guide is divided in 4 sections according to different types of issues : - Process : Welding Process or Welding Equipment related issues - Robot : Fanuc robot, Fanuc error code, or robotic cell issues - User Alarm : Pre-programmed alarms for common situations - Cortex : Cortex use and simulation issues (Under construction) How to use : 1 - Select the proper tab based on the issue type

Why can't I see my mapped drive in the Application?

Learns how to give application access to your mapped drive
Learns how to give application access to your mapped drive

Retrofit LubUnit Graco

Changing the lub Unit from PulsarLub to Graco. modification required: Electrical in BJ01 Mechanical in the robot base Component required for the job (hardware, tap/drill, tool) drill hole over TP reel for support bracket of G Pump mini assemble G Pump mini with fitting and Valve and retention tray bolt bracket to base, mount G pump to bracket drill holes for manifold in the robot base assemble manifold with hoses and proxi switch mount manifold to base and pull hoses to their respective roller bloc following the directions connect G Pump to manifold with tube** add new hole on the bottom side of JB01/JB02 for 24Vsupply for G Pump drag down ALL part under LUB01/02 for the relay (inside JB01/02) make new connection according to BMW rev 17.1* connect proxi and power to their component followi