LayoutMaster: Adjusting the air conditioning

The air conditioning unit (Rittal SK3305.510) included with the LayoutMaster has a few settings that needs to be changed from the factory settings.

1- Make sure that the A/C has power. The display on the A/C should show the actual internal temperature 

2- Press and hold the SET button for 5 seconds until "ST" appears on the display. Release the SET button once "ST" is displayed

3- From this menu, you can cycle up or down using the UP/DOWN (°C/°F) buttons. This will let you cycle trough all the settings that can be changed. Here is a list of settings that can be changed:

  1. St (Set Temperature)

  2. Fi (Filter Monitoring)

  3. Ad (Master-slave)

  4. CF ( Celsius/Faranheit)

  5. H1 (Hysteresis)

  6. H2 (Differential Error)

  7. ECO (Eco-mode)

  8. PSO (Password)

We will only change the settings in Bold (St, H2 & ECO)

4- Use the UP/DOWN button until you get to the "St" setting. Press the "Set" button once to enter the setting. You should now see the actual setting (35 from factory). Wait until the display blink (about 3 sec.)