IFC Export from Tekla

Last update on: 2023-11-02
Applies to: CortexPrime

This document explains how to export in .IFC using Tekla Structures. It will be used for Cortex Prime.

To generate and export IFC files. Once all Objects are selected (Select All):

Step 1: Download Config File

  • Download the following .zip file to be used later.
  • Copy the file to: “…\TeklaStructuresModels\ProjectModel\”


Step 2: File export

  • Select File > Export > IFC... to open the IFC dialog box.
  • Enter a name for the export file, and browse for the location where the User wants to save the file.

Step 3: Fabricator View

  • Select “Fabricator View”.
  • Additional Property Sets – Select: SARKKIS_WLDv1 (the file that was downloaded and pasted in the right folder at Step 1.

Step 4: Advanced

  • Unselect: “Bolts” / “Surface Treatments” / “Grid” / “Reinforcing bars” / “Exclude single part assemblies” 
  • Select and press “Create selected” parts or “Create all”

Step 5: File exported

THAT’S IT. Go to Model Folder and get your IFC files.