LayoutMaster: Adjusting the air conditioning

The air conditioning unit (Rittal SK3305.510) included with the LayoutMaster has a few settings that needs to be changed from the factory settings.

1- Make sure that the A/C has power. The display on the A/C should show the actual internal temperature 

2- Press and hold the SET button for 5 seconds until "ST" appears on the display. Release the SET button once "ST" is displayed

3- From this menu, you can cycle up or down using the UP/DOWN (°C/°F) buttons. This will let you cycle trough all the settings that can be changed. Here is a list of settings that can be changed:

  1. St (Set Temperature)

  2. Fi (Filter Monitoring)

  3. Ad (Master-slave)

  4. CF ( Celsius/Faranheit)

  5. H1 (Hysteresis)

  6. H2 (Differential Error)

  7. ECO (Eco-mode)

  8. PSO (Password)

We will only change the settings in Bold (St & ECO)

4- Use the UP/DOWN button until you get to the "St" setting. Press he "Set" button once to enter the setting. You should now see the actual setting (35 from factory)