LayoutMaster : Using the remote control

  1. When the operator takes the remote control, the emergency stop button must be positioned upwards. At any time, the operator can stop the system with the emergency stop button.

  2. To use the remote control, set the green selector to START (then ON).

  3. The last row of black buttons allows to change the active menus:

    1. In the application, the name of the selected menu appears in orange.

    2. Each time the menu is changed, the projector displays the next menu on the floor.

  4. The first 3 rows of black buttons correspond to the buttons in the selected menu.

  5. Each button has 2 modes. You have to press harder to be in the 2nd mode. The modes are explained in the section System behavior

See the section Fitting operation for steps to position all accessories.

See the section Preparing for production to create a list of beams to produce.

See the section Definition of layers to understand what is displayed on the beam.

See the section Positioning a beam to control the nominal position of the beam.