LayoutMaster: Safety

It is the responsibility of the owner, employer, and user to take all necessary steps to guarantee the safety of all personnel in the workplace.

All personnel must be trained before operating the equipment, in order to perform their work safely. Adequate training of personnel should include:

    1. A review of the inherent risks in the operation of the equipment.

    2. A review of the inherent risks in the operation of the laser.

    3. Familiarization with all equipment components and working tools to minimize the risks.

    4. Detailed explanation, demonstration and supervision of safety procedures that must be observed by the user.

    5. Instructions on personal safety.

    6. Warning on possible effects of unsafe use, to ensure the safety of both the employee and the others.

    7. The importance of cleanliness of the work area, for everyone’s safety.

The operator must take all necessary precautions to ensure personal safety: 

·        Loose clothes, jewelry and other accessories should not be worn near mechanisms, which may cause a strangulation hazard.

·        The employer should not allow a non-experienced person to operate equipment or perform maintenance without adequate safety training.

·        The employer is responsible for the training of its operators and must inform them of the inherent risks in the use of the equipment. They should be supervised or assisted during their training.

·        The employer should refer to the risk analysis grid and general safety rules to understand the risks surrounding the operation and maintenance of the robotic welding cell.

·        AGT Robotics recommends new operators be trained by AGT Personnel rather than being trained by coworkers.

A summary of the inherent risks may also be available in project specific documents.  Those documents may be presented during training wherever applicable.