LayoutMaster: Production

Buttons description

Import CAD   With BeamMaster Weld : 
      Import available beams from BeamMasterWeld.
Without BeamMaster Weld:
     Open a file explorer to import 3D models from files.
Save Job   Save the active beam list on right as a Job.
Load Job   Open a file explorer to recover a saved job
It is also possible to delete a job from this file explorer.
Import DXF/DWG   Open a file explorer to import 2D drawings (Feature in development)
Add   Transfer selected beams into the active job on right.
Delete   Remove selected beams from the active job.
Clear   Clear all beams from the active job on right
Open VCAX   Open the 3D simulation of the beam into the BeamMaster Weld

Description des statuts

UnknownImportation not started
ProcessingImportation in progress
ProcessedImportation succeed
FailedImportation failed