LayoutMaster: Positions calibration

Prerequisites: Laser Calibration

Mechanical preparation

  • Use the same 2 beams used when calibrating lasers.

  • Position the rotators not to obstruct the lasers.

  • Position the 2 beams in positions 1 and 3.

Preparing the  software

  • Enable Calibration mode

    • Calibration On =ON

    • Using Master = OFF

    • Beam Offset calibration Y=0 and Z=0

    • Distance Between Projector info = 200 (Minimum distance between each calibration position).

      • If there is an already calibrated position near the current position, it will be replaced, otherwise a new calibration position will be created.

  • Select position in H

  • Make a copy of ...\CurrentConfigs\LayoutMaster\Options\CalibrationModel.xml by CalibrationModel_aammjj.xml

Position calibration

The following steps must be done with the projector centered vis-à-vis each laser except for the minimum and maximum positions.

  • Bring the Canopy to its calibration position in front a laser.

  • Adjust the beam offset calibration in X to have the beam in the field of view.

  • There is no need to press Origin.

  • Ensure that the projection plan of the 3 lasers on the 2 beams is level at +/- 1mm

    • Correct the projection heights using magnetic sheet or any other 1mm plate

  • Adjust the Pan, Zoom and Roll to have the perfect 1,2 and 3 lasers on beam 1 and 2.

  • If it is not possible to adjust to +/- 1mm check the theoretical values of the lasers and correct if necessary.

  • Press calibrate to record this calibration position.

  • Repeat for all positions to be calibrated.

Manually correct theoretical laser positions

  • Identify the incorrect input by revalidating the measurements between the lasers and apply the corrections to the file:

    • P:\Projects\LAY - Layout Master\LAY-xxx ...\TSW - Software Programming\Calibration\AGT-234 - 20210618-R02 - CALIBRATION LAY-xxx - ymmdd.xlsm

  • Regenerate the CalibrationCreator file.csv and update it in C:\Program Files \AGT\LayoutMaster\Build\CurrentConfigs\LayoutMaster\Options

  • Make a copy and rename CalibrationModel_aaaa-mm-dd-hhmm.

  • Open the original O = CalibrationModel.xml and C = backup copy made at the beginning of this procedure.

  • In C, locate one of the 3 copies of the incorrect laser and copy the following highlighted lines