LayoutMaster: Parameters

This section explains the role of each of the Layout Master parameters.

Note: the parameters are saved in the directory : …\Build\Settings\DefaultLayoutMasterGeneralSettings.xml 


 This section allows to adjust the speed of movements:

Beam Position
Beam menu speed (Move Left / Right).
Skewness menu speed.
Image menu movement speed (Near/Far/Left/Right).
Image menu magnification speed (Zoom+ /Zoom -).
Allows the display of the "Beam Preview" faster but less detailed. (Accessories of the current side in yellow, position of the rotators...).
Move Projector
Speed ​​to move the projector in virtual mode on a standalone computer for demonstration or software testing.


 This section allows to manually change the origin position of the beam.

Beam Origin 
Change the origin position of the selected beam.
Master Offset
Changes the position and width of the calibration master
 Cal. Beam Offset 
Change the position of the calibration beam.


 These parameters are used when calibrating the image on the calibration beam:

The Distance Between Projector Info
Minimum distance between 2 calibration positions to create a new calibration position or to adjust an existing position.
The Distance Projector Will Update
Minimum carriage movement to apply projection calibration depending on position.
Calibration On 
Activate calibration mode.
Using Master 

Utilise le « Master » en mode calibration.


Generic info

Laser Info Units 
Units to use to display laser information.
Display Grid 
Displays the calibration grid.
 Laser Reference Thickness (mm)
Distance between the 2 virtual laser lines (green)

Ruler info

The units used when displaying the ruler in layer groups
Font Size
Size of the numbers on the ruler
Small Steps 
Distance between secondary ruler lines
Large Steps 
Distance between main ruler lines
Display units 
To display or not the units

Beam Limits Params

Arrow Length
Length of the triangles delimiting the edges of the beam
Arrow width 
Largeur des triangles délimitant les bords de la poutre
 Desired Distance Between Arrows 
Width of the triangles delimiting the edges of the beam
Use Highest Face for LimitsProjects beam boundaries onto the flanges or web of an H-beam.

Weld Params

Unit of weld dimensions



Focal Lenght
Focal distance of the lens.
Projector config. BackupPath to save the calibration file.
Projector focus Manoeuver sleep 
Time in milliseconds between focus adjustment commands.
Screen count
0 or 1 to define the correct projection screen.


Origins Options

Update Origin on Set
Updates the original beam position to the current projection.

Beam X Origins

Table that allows to have different beam positions depending on the area where the trolley is located.

Max Drive ValueMaximum carriage position to use the origin value in X.
X ValuePosition in X of the origin of the beam when the trolley is before the "Max Drive Value"
Add / DeleteAdds or removes a row from the table.

Beam YZ Origins

Array that allows different beam positions to be used depending on the current face.

Y ValueY stopper position
Z ValueZ stopper position
Add / DeleteAdd or remove a row from the table
EnabledAllows to choose which stopper is used. Only one per orientation can be active.
Face TypeAllows to have 2 different stoppers depending on the orientation. Useful for maintaining an ergonomic working position with high beams.


Section in development





Simulate TrolleyUsed for testing and demonstrations on an standalone computer.
UseWithBeamMasterActive if paired with a BeamMaster Weld.
Job PathPath for saving lists of beams in memory.
BMW Path FileRépertoire "Load program" du BeamMaster Weld.
Auto Focusenable or disable Auto-Focus.
Panel Delay (ms.)Duration of the projection of the active menu on the ground during a menu change.
Check laser
Activates a message near the lasers each time the trolley is moved to inform the operator that the lasers are no longer aligned.
Production Log Path
Path to save the log
Placement Offset
Targeted distance of the projector from the accessory to avoid 3D projection occlusions. Means that the real part does not block the projection on the beam.
Skewness Lock
Disable Yaw and Pitch buttons in the Skewness menu
Focus Lock
Disables the Focus + and - buttons
Allows to change the display language.



ProcessAllows to choose a configuration when required
Edit/Create ConfigurationUsed by AGT during commissioning.