LayoutMaster: Calibration with Master

Materials used in this section




48" or 72" Level

Magnetic sheet: 0.8x38x76 mm (40x)

Software used in this section



Layout Master application

Calibration Protocol

In this section, the focal length and the lens shift will be calibrated.

1-    Mount and level the Master

Install the Master according to the following image using the same 2 beams used in Laser calibration



2-    Check the Calibration Mode and the Using Master options

3-    Calibrate the Focal length

·         The page needs to be closes to apply changes.

·         The “Bottom Plan” button needs to be clicked in the Laser menu of the main page to show the projections in the bottom plan of the Master:

·         The image must have the right dimension on the top and bottom tubes of the Master

o   Use the pan, zoom and rolls buttons to adjust the top image (yellow and green)

o   Check the size of the bottom image.

§  If it is too small increase the focal length.

§  If it is too large, decrease the focal length.

§  Repeat by adjusting the top image each time.

§  If the offset is too large, adjust the offset of the mechanical lens and redo the grid calibration before continuing.

o   If the zoom is good at the top and bottom, adjust the lens offset