LayoutMaster: Calibration

Complete process

1-Clear the actual calibration

  • CloseLayoutMaster

    •    = display the task bar

    • +

  • Rename the calibration file C:\Program Files\AGT\LayoutMaster\Build\CurrentConfigs\LayoutMaster\Options\CalibrationModel.xml by adding _YYYYMMDDHHMM

  • Reset the Christie Twist to 0.

    • Open Christie Twist.

    • Create a new 7x7 grid.

    • Send

  • Restart LayoutMaster : 

  • Reset the horizontal and vertical lens shift to 0

2-Adjust the mechanical lens shift

Remove the lens protector or ensure that the lens movements is not obstructed.

Use Edge or Chrome to open the control page of the projector.


  • User = Admin

  • Password = Admin

  • Unlock all lens motors.

  • Execute the Lens Calibration.

  • Set the zoom to produce the larger possible image.

  • Adjust the lens shift so that the image centered on the projecteur center line. 

Partially execute the procedure : Master calibration

  • Level the Master

  • Make sure the lens shifts are at 0.

  • Only adjust the focal length and the mechanical lens shifts.

  • Target a maximum average error of 3mm.

  • The result will not be perfect at this step but enough to minimize the corrections during the calibration of the grid.

3-Calibrate the projector grid.

4-Calibrate the Master

  • Fully exucture the procedure Master Calibration without midify the mechanical lens shift. 

  • The final error should be less than the thickness of a line.

  • If any lens shifts is more than 25, reset the lens shifts to 0, adjust the mechanical lens shift and redo the Grid calibration.

5-Calibrate the lasers

6-Calibrate the positions