Contacting AGT Robotics for Technical Support

There are three ways you can contact AGT Robotics support team. More details provided below.

-       Through the portal on AGT website

-      By email:

-     By phone: 1-888-693-9682

Please note that standard operating hours are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time, except for public holidays. E-mails, calls and tickets received after hours, on weekends or during holidays will be answered on the next business day. 

What to include when contacting AGT Robotics?

When contacting AGT Robotics, make sure to have the equipment serial number on hand. The serial number can be found on the identification plate located on the main panel and should be similar to the one shown below. 

If the nameplate cannot be located, Robot Identification number may be provided.  The number starts with either an "F" or an "E" followed by 5 or 6 digits.  This number can be found on the front panel of the controller and on the robot base.

Providing more information to our technical support might be necessary depending on the issue.  Information may include:

-        Detailed description of the issue

-        Chain of events that led to the situation

-        Pictures

-        Recent Robot backup (“all of above”) following the incident

 Some files may be quite large, please use the SHAREPOINT link provided for uploading.

Note: Additional information may be required based on the nature of the issue.  Please refer to separate articles for each type of issue.

Contacting us

1-Through the portal on AGT website

1)  To access the portal, use the following link:

2)  See Creating a Support Ticket from the Portal

2- By email

Contact us at: . 
Make sure to include all elements specified in the What to include? and provide us with your coordinates [name, phone number & email] for us to get back to you as quickly as possible. 

3 - By Phone

In case of an emergency or production shut down, contact us directly at 1-888-693-9682.
Using this phone number is the best way to reach someone quickly. AGT does not recommend directly contacting a specific employee, as this person might be out of the office or with another client.