Retrofit LubUnit Graco

Changing the lub Unit from PulsarLub to Graco.

modification required:

Electrical in BJ01
Mechanical in the robot base
Component required for the job (hardware, tap/drill, tool)

drill hole over TP reel for support bracket of G Pump mini 
assemble G Pump mini with fitting and Valve and retention tray
bolt bracket to base, mount G pump to bracket
drill holes for manifold in the robot base
assemble manifold with hoses and proxi switch
mount manifold to base and pull hoses to their respective roller bloc following the directions
connect G Pump to manifold with tube**

add new hole on the bottom side of JB01/JB02 for 24Vsupply for G Pump
drag down ALL part under LUB01/02 for the relay (inside JB01/02)
make new connection according to BMW rev 17.1*
connect proxi and power to their component following the right path

add grease to the G Pump 
activate DO to confirm job well done

Center punch 
Drill bit size : 2mm - 7.5mm
tap size : M8

1. Mark the two holes at the exact measurement with a punch to help for predrill .
2. Drill through with a 2mm drill. 
3. Drill with 7 mm.
4. Tap with 8mm both holes.

*use oil the ease the four operations* 

10mm open wrench 
17mm open wrench   
22mm open wrench
13mm open wrench
thread sealant *loctite 564*

1. Facing the lube unit, remove the red cap on the right side.

2. Install the Pressure relief kit witch include two fittings and one relief valve. Apply thread sealant to all the piping thread of the assembly

3. Install the retention tray underneath the G Pump Mini with two M6 hex bolts.

Bolt : M8 16mm 2X
Flat : washer M8 2X
Allen key : 6mm
Blue thread lock 

1. Apply thread lock on the bolts and install the assembly with the two holes drilled two steps before. 

Allen key 5mm
Center punch
Drill bit size 2mm, 5,5mm
Tap size 6MM

1. Remove the servo motor to have access to give space and access where the manifold will be located.
2. Mark the two holes precisely at the measurements.
3. Drill 2mm and then 5.5mm 
4. Tap 6mm 

1. Confirm all the hoses are already in place on the manifold and are identified properly.
2. Install the proxi switch in the remaining emplacement on the third port.
3. Place a 1/2'' shim between the manifold and the base to create a space. As the picture shows.
4. Connect all the hoses to their roller bloc following the path shown on the picture above.

Step Drill Bit or Hole Saw
1/2 size electrical gland

With caution not to damage any wires inside JB01
1. Drill a hole size 7/8'' at 3'' X 1''1/2 (to form a triangle with the two holes on the LEFT side)
2. Place an electrical cable gland size 1/2. This will be used for the 24V supply of the lubrification unit.

Wire Striper
Relay General Purpose DPDT

The picture on the LEFT is AFTER the job and the one on the RIGHT is BEFORE.
​Here are the thing that is different:

1. A relay as been install right under the section LUB01.

*by following this version of our electrical plan, the modification are quite easy but should be done by someone who is allowed to work in an electrical pannel*